Monday, October 10, 2005

Back to Singapore to stuff my face

I am going back to Singapore! Tommrrow to be exact. My wait-listed flight seat was confirmed, so I am back in Singapore to stuff myself with all the food I have missed.

Anyone want to join me?

Wanna try the new Xiao Long Bao place at Bugis
Go back to No Signboard seafood
If got time - Keiyaki or Shang palace, but what i really really miss is hawker fare
char kway teow at either Siglap or joo chiat
lots of prata at Causaurina
mango tree or chat masala
Komala villas - S. Indian buffet
carrot cake, chicken wings and BBQ stingray at Chomp Chomp
True Blue Peranakan's ayam buah keluak and meatball soup
Chinatown soya sauce chicken noodles
sticky beef noodles

okay that's the list for the moment, of course, more will be added ...

oh yes, and quiet date at Botanic Gardens with Fabien to re-live the moment when we first met 5 years ago... Has it been that long? how time flies. And I still think he is the sweetest funniest and sexiest man alive. (*apologies for inducing bulimia in anyone reading this*)


Liyi said...

Looking at your food-craving list makes me wonder if I am Singaporean...I never crave for any of those!!

ylisa said...
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Clara said...

Well girl - we've already had our laksa!!! How come you didn't put that down?? :)

But if you really like S Indian vegetarian food, ya gotta go to Annalakshmi at Excelsior. It's pay whatever you want AND it's damn good too!!! Service is a little slow, but seeing as it's all run by volunteers, that's to be expected.

Otherwise, see you when you get back from your trip with Fab.

k said...

how did the food tasting go . Give me a call and maybe we can add a few more places to your list.

kiddo said...

Hey, call me if you are in singapore 5 nov and are keen to hear the bath silver ring choir perform?

S* said...

Sorry K and Chris

Just got back to Turin (was a whirlwind in Singapore) but can we take a raincheck?