Sunday, September 18, 2005


A Big Thank You
To all the friends that have sent condolences, I will thank each of
you personally in my own time. It is a tough time, and I appreciate your support.

For all the people who have been silent, and wonder what there are condolences for, perhaps you may wish to refer to the earlier blog post.

For all the people who recently have sent inappropriate emails or jokes, despite having access to this blog, shame on you. This is because the blog is updated for the benefit of people like you. If it is possible for you to log on to your CNN or CNA to find out what is happening in the world, why would it be so difficult to click on a link to find out what is happening in our world? It takes thought and effort to put the information online, and if you cannot be bothered to meet me halfway by going to read the blog, that's fine, but please do not complain about being left in the dark, and for goodness sakes, I just lost someone close in my family, I don't want to read inappropriate and thoughtless forwarded jokes.

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S* said...

As a postscript - Eugene asked me why am I so mad that people didn't read the blog before forwarding jokes. Perhaps it was not too clear on the post, so I guess I will explain that people forward jokes with the underlying principle that they are trying to keep in touch. But I think that it is lame to try to keep in touch on the one hand, and yet don't bother reading the blog on the other hand. It seems a bit hypocritical to me, because if you REALLY wanted to keep in touch, then the online diary is just one click away.