Friday, July 15, 2005

weekend in Parma

Last weekend was spent in Parma -- mmmm foood, and also big castles, museums and an albino peacock!

This is a photo of us just outside the stables of the Chiarratorre . The Chiarratorre was built by the Count Pier Maria Rossi between 1448 and 1460, for his mistress (and later wife) Bianca Pellegrini da Arluno.

The origin of the castle is quite scandalous because when Rossi and Bianca met each other, they were both respectively, respectably married to other people. So they had to leave their respective spouses (from child marriages) and run off with each other. This castle was part of the massive PR exercise to integrate back into polite society, and many great banquets were held in the dining rooms to buy approval from all the other counts and countesses..

So yes, money can buy you both love and social acceptance unfortunately...

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olivier said...

Just back from Como... Amazing area too.
Sorry we finally did not make it to your place...