Sunday, July 31, 2005

public displays of affection

When Fab was in China, I went to watch this dance performance in the park with some of our Italian friends. Our friend - Manuela is a professional dancer. This is a shot of us at some good cause formal dinner some time back. She is the tall one in the pink dress. BTW I know that this talk of good cause dinners makes me sound like a real tai tai, but I assure you that I am NOT, so lets get back to the blog ...

Manuela is a great dancer, and did an interpretation of physical love through a pretty sexy pas de deux - it was suggestive stuff! Firstly the costumes show off the dancers great bods but don't leave much to the imagination, and secondly since they are supposed to be making like rabbits on stage, the male dancer gets to cop quite a few feels (all artistically managed of course). This would not make me wonder too much online, except for the fact that her boyfriend was sitting right in front of me, and I thought I percieved a couple of flinches during the performance.

I wondered how it must be like to have the rest of the world see what a great bod your girlfriend has, but yet see some other guy's paws on it. At which point is it "purely professional" and at which point does it cut too close to the bone? Not had a chance to ask him yet, but it looks like a wierd cocktail of pride and discomfort.

For me - hey if I could dance like that I WOULD NOT REALLY CARE! The costume anyways is just to show the world what lovely form you got, and if my girlfriend/boyfriend had a line like that, I would be proud as punch I would...

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