Friday, July 29, 2005

London Calling

Just got back from London last night, so will post a bit more when I have finished the more mundane crap such as washing my clothes and unpacking. It was wonderful meeting all my friends again (*waves at them*). They seem well in spite of the possibility that you might get blown up on a bus just as easily as get run over by it. In fact some of them seem more annoyed at the fact that we are being charged 9 pounds for white rice at Four Seasons, when the quality of the duck seems to have plunged...

It is really strange how Italy is starting to become familiar. When the plane came into Caselle airport, I found myself thinking "it is good to be home".. I guess it is because the language is begining to make sense. One major breakthrough today happened when during one class, I found myself writing the explanation of another word IN ITALIAN. Which means that now I can start using a REAL italian dictionary instead of an English - Italian or French - Italian one. Amazingly enough, it is easier to learn Italian using French as a medium of instruction as opposed to English.

The washing machine has stopped, so I will come back and post again in a short while..

BTW for those who have been following the saga, we FINALLY have wifi in our house!!

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