Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Holiday time is here again!

Whoopie dooo, I am planning HOLIDAYS. I think you really need to stop working once in a while, and holidays are just to very important to keep mind and body somewhat intact. Sooo here is the plan - London to see friends, and then [blank space to insert choice]. Fabien and me are thinking of (in no particular order): Greece, Turkey, Morocco, Croatia, Southern Italian Islands, Sardinia, Corsica or Spain. Some reasonably sun-drenched spot, but also with other interesting things to see... Will update you guys more about it later. In the meantime, short weekends are: This weekend in Parma (home of the parma ham!!) and next weekend in Grenoble at one of Fab's atas friends family holiday home..


Michael Low said...

SICILY!!!!!! I highly recommend it. Place is great, people are nice (especially if you are Asian) and its really great to hang out by the beach. Alternatively, Malta is really nice too, and I imagine its easy to get across from where you are. I recommend the Waterfront Hotel in Malta, which is right on the promenade at Sliema Harbour. Have a great time!

rhys said...

Greece and Croatia are lovely! In Santorini (Greece), you must book yourself into one of those hotels built into the cliff overlooking the caldera. The view is heartachingly beautiful! And in Croatia, do visit Plitvice Lakes, a nature reserve which contains 90+(!!) series of waterfalls! Lovely!