Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Parma ham Posting

One of the absolute greatest things about going to Parma for a holiday was the parma ham.

“Prosciutto” is from the Latin “perexsuctum” meaning “dried”. It was in 100 BC that Cato the Censor first mentioned the extraordinary flavour of the air cured ham produced around the town of Parma in Italy; the legs were left to dry, greased with a little oil and could age without spoiling. Not much has changed about the way they prepare this, and if you go to Parma you can have these marvelous tasting tours!

I have always been pretty partial to the stuff, and when I bought some, I had to figure out what to do with it, so this is my Parma Ham Posting, where I have put up some REALLY simple Parma Ham recipies scoured from the internet - you can fix these even if you are a busy lawyer.

Parma Ham and Fig Salad (as opposed to the normal parma ham and melon)

You can also try this one if you are more ambitious:

Roasted fillet of monkfish wrapped in Parma ham

As of now I cannot think of anything which you can do with Parma ham for desert, but tell me if you are feeling creative. BTW I am in London now, and all seems well although sadly there was the death of a brazilian technician, wrongfully shot by police at Stockwell.

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clara said...

Darn it - can you please air freight some of that gorgeous parma ham back to Singapore?? Impossible to get good or rather 'value for money' parma ham, and the buffet at Prego's is getting more expensive.