Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Overheard ....

When I can't come back home in time to put Sophie to bed, I try to phone her on the phone and say good night. It only takes 5 minutes, and she goes to bed reassured that her parents still love her. It probably in part caused her addiction to phones.

Anyway, some nights ago, she told me her first "story".
"Sophie tell Maman story. okay?"
"Okay Sophie, what story do you want to tell me?"
"Watermelon and Bear."
"Really? I don't know that one!" (It's true - I don't!!)
(**At this point, she switches to Chinese) "One day, Little Bear rolled a water melon up a hill. Little Bear pushed and pushed. Then at the top, gu-tong, gu-tong, gu-tong. Run Run Run! So fast!! SPLAT! CRASH! Boo hoo hoo, Little Bear cried."
(translation - I guess the watermelon rolled down the hill and broke and Little Bear found out about the consequences of gravity)

Okay, it's not much, but it's her first full story (with a begining, middle and end) even if it had a sad end. I possibly have a Tragedian on my hands.

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Fioleta said...

Totally love her story (and your translation of it). Hope you'll share the future ones with the rest of us.