Wednesday, August 06, 2008

nice family photos

For the longest time, I was thinking to go to a studio and take some photos with Fabien and Sophie. This is because either Fabien or I are always behind the camera, and in alot of the photos, Sophie looks like she only has one parent! My grandma had asked us previously for some family photos of us, and I also thought it would be nice to have some photos for Sophie's room too.

Finally, we decided to hire a photographer for Sophie's second birthday at the pony club. Of course, it poured with rain that day (hahahah)! Luckily, there is an indoor riding area (yes, a wet-weather plan - clever mummy huh?) and also an indoor dining area, unfortunately, the lighting isn't great in both areas. The photographer felt so bad with the results of the photo-shoot that she has said that she will shoot us again for free at the next event (maybe at our Kid 2's 100 days party?!)

When the rain stopped, we went outside to play, and the photographer just shot us playing outside, and from there we selected these 2 photos, which I think captures the moment beautifully.

Of course, the birthday girl couldn't resist jumping into all the puddles with a look of absolute glee on her face. Who needs presents? Just a pool of water will do.

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