Friday, August 15, 2008

Hello Alex are you there?

I realise I haven't been writing alot about our new Baby 2. This may be because we are such blase parents that we have not really been thinking about Baby 2. But we have been interacting to some extent.

The fun part about not knowing the gender of our in-utero kid is about delayed gratification, and letting the tension build. Not everyone agrees with this, and it's not for anyone who wants advance notice to paint their nurseries pink or blue. But it works well for us, since we like the gender neutral greens, calming greens, cheerful yellows and the natural wood colorings that was both Sophie's color theme and that of our second child.

Anyway, we play this game about the name of our kid. We need to have at least one name of each sex. So sometimes, we will ask the kid (aloud) Are you Matthew? If you like the name Matthew - please make some movement! We were really hoping that the kid would move because Fab's favourite cousin Matthieu was the witness in our wedding, and we both liked that name.

Of course we get nothing. No reaction either for Timothy, Loic, or Amaury either.

Then we tried the girl's names - "do you like the name Elodie?" Nope, nothing either.

When I asked - Do you want to be called ALEX? I get a kick and another kick!

We like the name Alexandra for a girl, and Matthew for a boy, although since this kid seems to WANT to be called Alex, so maybe we might just end up with a boy called Alexandre.

Freedom of choice starts so young !


Fioleta said...

I love Alexandra and Cat almost ended up being named that. I would feel weird calling my son Alexandre as it is my dad's name, but have no problem with girl's version. (I can be strange sometimes)

mini said...

Wow what a fervent response for Alex. Though that still doesn't give us a clue whether it's a boy or girl ...this little one has a sense of humor! :)