Saturday, August 09, 2008

Murphy's law revisited

We ALMOST made it through this week where I could say that Sophie has adjusted to her new bed.

Everything was going smoothly, and Sophie seemed to have a routine going where she would wake up in the morning, eat the food we'd set out for her the night before, and go and play by herself for about 45 minutes before ayi arrived. We finally managed to sleep in the morning (or so we thought!).

But 2 year olds do not let you rest on your laurels...

I hadn't realised that she was just picking the best moment - which probably was yesterday (friday night) when Fabien and I came back after midnight (having watched the olympic opening at a Greek party), Sophie suddenly woke up at 2:30am and decided she didn't want to sleep in her bed.

Fabien tried to persuade her but she just stubbornly insisted on coming with us. After more than 2 hours, we gave up and I let her sleep with me whilst my husband retreated to the guest bedroom. I don't blame him at all.

For the record, Sophie is the WORST bed-companion. Ever. It seems to defy all the laws of physics that something so small can take up so much bed-space, and steal all the bed covers (which all mysteriously end up on the floor by morning).

Despite all the nocturnal drama, Sophie didn't seem any worse for wear when she woke up later. She was in a great mood, singing and smiling like nothing was wrong. We went to the Singapore National Day brunch, where she played with lots of other little Singaporean kids.

I hope that yesterday night can be dismissed as an anomaly, and she regains her good sleeping habits!!

Tomorrow we are watching the Women's Beach Volleyball preliminaries, although Fabien is probably watching the cheer-leaders (*grins).

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Anonymous said...

maybe its time to shift sophie's bed time one hour later. That way she would get up at more decent hours