Sunday, September 17, 2006

She's so cute when asleep...

This is a picture of Sophie about 2 weeks old. Despite this angelic appearance, our little princess has a slightly tyrannical persona - more princess turandot than princess leia. Or maybe more darth vader springs to mind. She's usually a charming and happy wookie but there are 2 things she goes completely nuts about if it aint perfect.

First - the temperature of her milk. She has single handedly terrorised both sets of grandparents, her dad, and various babysitters, by going on a hunger strike and screaming bloody murder if the temperature of the expressed breastmilk is not served exactly at Mom's body temperature. As an exclusive boob-fed baby, she's used to having milk just the way she likes it on tap.

Second - naps. She's been trained to sleep in the dark, alone in her bed, after certain bed or nap time rituals. This is great because she doesn't fuss alot every naptime. I finish the soothing, I put her down, and walk away. She sometimes whines for 5 to 10 minutes, but normally falls asleep by herself without too much difficulty. But now that she has associated sleeping with her bed ONLY, then she isn't going to fall asleep any place else! This can be a serious impediment to a social life.

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