Saturday, September 30, 2006

Another beautiful baby party

There's another party today. Why are there all these people in the appartment? It's Sophie's beautiful baby party! She got lots of kisses, and fantastic presents (again!).

Big thank you again for those cool presents from all our friends! Fab and I are getting kinda jealous because Sophie has a great travelling toiletries kit from Neal's Yard (courtesy of Eileen), wonderful toys (long list of friends, but notably Michy, Chiara and Gina) and great clothes for winter (yup, the winter collection started already!) After the party, we tried out some of the cool presents, like her great shoes - check them out! Even the box is nice - Thank you Jacopo!


mini said...

awww sophie's a star..she sure is starting young with the cute shoes :)

Cat, I'm a Kitty Cat! said...

Cat, I'm a kitty cat!

And a meow meow meow, and a meow ..