Monday, September 11, 2006

Back in Torino

We got back from a 7 hour drive from Troyes last night. This is the first long summer vacation that Fabien and I have taken with Sophie and we really enjoyed it. There's a ton of photos to put up and show off, but just a soundbite for now. We've mainly spent our vacation in:

1) Fontainebleau - looking at the castle, INSEAD and Horse Week

2) Lille - where Sophie got baptised by the same priest that married Fabien and me

3) Hardelot - where Sophie actually enjoyed dipping her feet into the Atlantic

Yeah - I know this looks like a "Visit France" tourism advert, but it is really a lovely country, especially when you get to stay in somebody's house!

Specially for godparents, grandparents and other parents -
Sophie just turned 4 months yesterday and can flip from her back to her front and do lots of little baby push ups, speak Wookie to her reflection in the mirror, play quietly for up to 20 mins by herself with her toys, and generally charm the socks off most people.

She has also shared teething toys with various dogs in return for tasting their fur balls. I think she likes labrador fur best. ( I can just hear my mum fainting now) heheheh ...

But really I am convinced that the breast-fed baby has a whole bunch of antibodies because she has never been ill despite happily kissing dogs whenever her parents aren't looking.

So to for my friends with babies and babies to be - Breast is still Best


mini said...

yay welcome back! can't wait to see photos

and...dh and i firmly subscribe to the theory that what doesn't kill you makes u stronger :)

Sprog Mamma said...

Can't wait to see her and if we have a little boy, there is no doubt in my mind she will be the "older and wiser" woman in his life for years to come.

Michael Low said...

I can't wait to see Sophie with Cookie and Jackie when you guys are back....Cookie especially is very fond of little girls. Glad you guys had a great trip!