Thursday, September 21, 2006

Driving Lessons Part 2

Long time ago, I posted about getting all my multi-coloured papers in order to start learining how to drive. Then I posted about learning all those signs in Italian, because the only concession I got from being a foreigner was that I get to take the test orally instead of written (big deal).

It now appears that there is a new hitch in the system. Basically the Ministry of Transport has decided to change the exam so that foreigners can take a written exam in English, Arabic, French or Chinese. Sounds great right? So they scrapped the oral Italian test (i.e. if you haven't already got a date for the test, you cannot register for one). The new exam will be high tech and computerized blah blah blah, so examiners need a computer swipe card. Only one small problem. The examiners need to PAY for the swipe card, and at least half of them refused to do so, on the basis that it was the Ministry that was introducing the new system, why should the examiner have to pay for it?

So now, there is no oral test, and no written test either. And no information about when this deadlock will be resolved, resulting in all the students (like me) being stuck in limbo. I don't even know which language I should be studying in now. Arrgh ! and after learning words like "dual carriageway" in italian, heck some words I only know in Italian and I have no idea what the English equivalents are.

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