Thursday, August 11, 2005

Shaun's news

I am really happy for Shaun - he has gotten his working visa and job all sorted out. It is a big change from the usual clueless brother that I have, and he is becoming this more or less organised indivudual - although we have big arguments about his views on ethical principles, I must say that I am really proud of him.

Anyways, he is going to work in URS after he graduates. If (like me) you do not know what URS is about, you can go to this link :

I am glad he is going to be an engineer. I kind of think it suits him better than being a doctor (he is from JHU) or an investment banker type of person (another popular choice for people with engineering degrees). The fact that my brother is going to work in a job related to his degree makes me slightly envious. I wish I had studied to be a vet instead! This is because if I were I vet, I could get a job reasonably easily each time Fabien moved countries - after all all dogs speak the same language right?

However if I was not a lawyer, I probably would not have met so many of my lovely and wonderful friends (possibly not even Fabien) so I suppose I can live with being a lawyer in the end.

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