Friday, August 12, 2005

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Images from the past couple of weeks, which I thought best to disgorge from camera before setting off for next round of holidays

This is the picture postcard view of the alps taken from the window of a moving car. Not too bad if I say so myself. It was from our weekend visiting Denis and Marie near Grenoble.

This one is taken somewhere at the Picadilly Circus Starbucks, by random Korean tourists. What I realise I like about London is that you hardly hear English being spoken - lots of Chinese dialects, Korean, and many East European languages etc.

Somewhere in a Greenwich pub, Lucy, Ed, and Eric met me. Lovely Chocolate Beer here can be found just here ----------------------------------->

Inspired by pirates of the caribean? You can see the pirate flag in the background if you click on the photo to enlarge. We are actually at Whitstable, the oyster harvesting English village near Canterbury. This of course begged the question why we are there in the first place, and the answer is that Christabel had her inspired holiday itineary planning moments.

This is the Matisse Museum in Nice, where Fab and me had a little wander the day after our U2 concert - will put up the images of Bono when I come back from France. We also drove past the village of Eze where Bono keeps his home away from home in France. I wanna be a Rock STar too...


Anonymous said...

Hi S*!

The good thing about knowing you when I read your blog is that I can almost hear you saying it, just as lively as you are in real life.
Enjoyed the reading and the photos:)


Liyi said...

oops...we forgot to keep something out of view in that otherwise perfect picture of the 2 of us! what happened to censorship!!?! hah!

Liyi said...

oh, BTW, Sharon, that was at Leicester much for you having visited London more than 20 times! :)