Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One month old and all is well

There are currently very few photos of Alex which are blog-worthy because (apart from the fact that she is the "poor neglected 2nd child!"), most photos are of her nursing, and I am not altogether enthusiastic about baring myself completely on the internet. My soul maybe, but my other body parts is just Too Much Information.

This is one of the few shots without my accompanying boob. Sadly as we are not in sunlight, you cannot see her eye color too well - but it is still a very deep blue.

I'm a bit fixated with getting a photo of her with blue eyes because, like her sister, it will change to dark brown really quickly. Either I catch it in photographic form or else the moment will pass. With my sleep-deprived baby brain, I can just about recall my 2 kid's names so I can forget about any long standing nostalgic memories.

We had a one month check on Tuesday, and she's 58 cm and 4.8kg. This is well into the 90th percentile, so you can see she's making the most of this breastfeeding on demand thing.


Ex Night Queen said...

She's so adorable! Can't wait to see more piccies of her (yes, without accompanying boob please!)

Anonymous said...

Finally more pictures of the princess....:-) She really look very different from sophie when she was younger. k

irene said...

Aww... she's so cute!!! And so much bigger than Hugh! *jealous*

Fioleta said...

She is beautiful and so smart/aware looking.

Anonymous said...

J'ai eu cette même fascination... Perdue dans les beaux yeux bleus d'Aliénor qui ont tourné au marron-vert quand elle a eu 6-7 mois... Bouhouhou ! J'y croyais moi ! Ils étaient si clairs... Avec 3/4 de gènes bleus ou verts: il va falloir recommencer mais pas maintenant. Befor I will have to take care of myself, because Aliénor m'a épuisée ! Tout tourne autour d'elle depuis sa naissance, je me suis arrêté de travailler pour elle et je materne 24H/24H. Alex est superbe ! Elle me fait un peu pensé à moi quand j'étais petite ;)