Friday, October 31, 2008

Alex playing with Sophie

Like I said, I am not so much worried about sibling rivalry as I am about Alex being "over-loved" (i.e squished) by Sophie.

Sophie constantly wants to hug, hold and play with Alex, and LOVES being "the Big Sister". She's usually very gentle, but still I need to watch them.

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Xavier said...

A friend of mine has 2 sons. When I ask the older one (2+ yo) if he is still the big brother, he proudly answers yes :)

My mum also recounted an anecdote. In the plane, lil' sis' had gone to the toilet and had not locked the door. A couple of young boys my age (8 something) were plotting outside to see if they could open the door. I proudly said "It's my sister"; they kept mum.