Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Alexandra Yi Ru Thibault

This is the complimentary photo from the hospital.

Alex has amazing neck muscles for a 2 day old infant, and she managed to hold her head upright for that photo.

Her head shape is still slightly molded from the journey out of the birth canal but luckily she's not cone-headed.

Unfortunately her hair had started shedding already, so there is less of it than when she appeared. But you can see from the photo that it is not actually black but a dark brown.

She has her dad's blue eyes for the moment, although she definitely won't keep them (no recessive blue eye gene on my side of the equation I'm afraid).

We took her to the hospital to get her birth certificate today - she is currently 55 cm and 4 kg.


Sky said...

hello alex, you are lovely!

Anonymous said...

err are babies all so crumply?I love that pose.Very thoughtful. Much like yogi. BTW why is her hair shedding? She's cute