Monday, January 28, 2008

If music be the food of love

For our third wedding anniversary, I thought we would spend it quietly watching a Serbian beat a Frenchman in Australia, even though I have the same views on the new court surface colour.

Instead we bought a Clavinova.

I hadn't played the piano for more than a decade, but when the shop delivered it I started getting excited again, even if all I could remember are scales and the most traumatising snatches of old exam pieces.

Fabien loves music but he has never had any formal training, so I wanted to find someone to give him lessons (he wants to know if she can look like Isabelle Huppert)...

We have already established that somebody else loves music...


j said...

Hey Sharon, happy 2008 to you and your family!


sohcool said...

Hi Sharon,
Happy third wedding anniversary.
Guess what, I am thinking of buying a Clavinova too. Have the specifications on my desk now. Which one did you get? Have fun.