Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy Happy You You

This is a back-dated post from 10 December 2007, but it is so sweet it deserves recording for posterity. Parents surreptiously send me out of the house with Fabien on some innocent errand. Mum singlehandedly whips up a delicious dinner for all of us whilst my dad teaches Sophie to sing the birthday song. Since he only has an hour to teach her, he thinks that "happy happy you you" x 4 (with the addition of "mama" at the end of the last verse) would be simple and very cute.

Admittedly our household has taken qute a few creative liberties with nursery rhymes, fairy tales and songs. Normally I change her bed time stories to have strong female characters and ecological themes. So she might be slightly surprised at kindergarten later to find that she is the only one who has heard of Snow White and the 7 eco-warriors, and Cinder-fella who went to the ball and met a princess who wanted them to be friends and get to know him better before deciding whether or not to get married ... If anyone knows of other politically correct brothers Grimm versions, do let me know!

So Happy Happy You You has currently become Sophie's favourite song, which she sings in entirety to Monsieur Chat (cat), Madame Cochon (pig) and Sophie-Bear-Bear (the gift from her Uncle Shaun and her favourite fluffy bear). The blowing candles part is the best fun for her and she sometimes cuts the song short to go striaght to the blowing...

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