Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Look what I can do!

Today I am 10 weeks old. Mommy has that overwhelming maternal pride thing going (it's so hard not to become obsessed huh?) so she wants me to record some of the cool stuff I can do at 10 weeks (for those cognitive developmental psychologists out there - this is counting from my chronological age and not developmental age, cos I popped out a bit earlier than expected)...

  1. track stuff really well with my eyes (I love looking at objects waved in front of me)

  2. do a mini push-up from my tummy (mom tries real hard to make tummy-time fun, but sometimes I got other plans)

  3. laugh out loud (daddy ran to mommy to announce that he heard me laugh out loud for the first time on Sunday night - he was so amazed! Silly parents - don't they know I am always laughing at them?)

  4. sleep through most of the night from 8pm to 8am (Mom was threatening to "Ferberize" me so I thought I better get with the program), though I usually still have a midnight snack or two.

    Mom wants me to remind her that moderation is the key - as backed up by:
    this study from Pediatrics

  5. have gurgly conversations with my parents (Mom and Dad are always trying to talk to me, so I figured maybe I should answer whilst I can get a word in edgewise)

  6. smile and completely charm random strangers on the street - people are always stopping my mom to tell her what a cute baby I am!

  7. swat at stuff with my hands - the reason why Mom loves this photo so much is because I am hanging on to the camera cord in my hand (it is a bit out of the frame, but you can see from my completely satisfied look that I got it!) Sometimes I get to grasp it, but more often not. Grasping at this stage is still pretty much a reflexive thing, which is why it's so fun when it actually happens!

Oh yeah, just for Dad, I better note that I am 5 point something kilos (numbers! BAH!) But for a 10 week old baby that's pretty good.

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mini said...

omg sophie's mommy... here's what you have to do, a video! :) ...for maximum cuteness!