Tuesday, July 18, 2006

First Vaccination!

Hey everyone - This is Sophie blogging again... I am a big girl now, and I got my first shot today at the ASL (Italian health service thingy) at Via Della Consolata 10 (Mommy is making me write it down so she doesn't forget either).

Auntie Gina drove us there, which was great (even though the parking gods did not deem that we get an easy spot). And generally just gave my mom a (much appreciated) hand. We think Auntie Gina is going to have a baby boy, but we'll see.

Anyway, mommy is really proud of me, because I took the shot quite calmly. Okay I cried (just a little) and stopped crying pretty easily. It was all pretty cool. I am normally grouchier if I miss a nap.. Auntie Gina took photos of me being a brave little girly. Here it is!


mini said...

medal of courage to sophie! what shots did you get?

Sprog Mamma said...

Sophie, you were the bravest ever!