Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Here Comes Trouble

Sophie is growing so fast. Mum bought her these little cotton bodysuits when she came to visit, which were far too big 2 months ago, and Sophie is filling them out nicely now (see photo) - the words say "here comes trouble" which is incredibly appropriate.

Someone asked if the photos of Sophie on this blog are "posed", and the answer is - not really.

What happens is that Sophie's day generally involves showing her stuff by theme. So for instance, we can spend a couple of days with anthromorphosized fruits. Like Alfred the Apricot and Prufrock the Prune (Alfred J Prufrock geddit?). I try to let her smell, touch and generally interact with the fruit or whatever I am showing her, and sometimes she is so damn cute that I cannot resist taking a photo - like with her and Kiko the watermelon, or with this i-book.

When the photo lighting is bright, it is probably taken in the morning, when I open the windows and let her get exposed to natural light. If it looks a bit dark and grainy, it is probably cos we've shut up the house to reduce the afternoon heat, and I don't use the flash cos it disturbs her.


Antagony Aunt said...

awww... thanks for the reminder to check your blog. missed out on all the birthing drama and wonder. sophie's uber cute. and she's really looking very very much like you and fab put together! strange when that actually happens :)

big mushy kisses from auntie jac!

Sprog Mamma said...

She is soo cute and does look a bit posed once in a while or maybe she is just super photogenic.

S* said...

Nahh.. she's not that photogenic, nor am I a great photographer. I just click away and then pick the best one. The wonders of digital photography...