Sunday, April 30, 2006

Geek Speak

Does anyone who knows anything about them "come-pewters" tell us whether we should get this brick?

And if so, what is a good price to pay for it?

Insofar as computing prowess is concerned, I am guided roughly by my aesthethic sense - if it looks nice, get it... But if course I would love to know if I am getting a lemon for my money as well...


andrew said...

I'm comparing like with like - a 3.5" 250 GB, 7200 rpm drive with a case.

A brand-name one costs about S$250 to $300. Functional looking, than fancy of course.

Putting one together (not so difficult really, it's just a hard drive and a case!):
Drive - $106 to $150
Case - $80 to $100 for "normal", USB only and about $200 with Firewire.

I don't think very much of Lacintoshes (no error), but if you do use one, you will definitely have a Firewire port. It should be faster to use the Firewire (which that model doesn't support). But if you want it to "just ... work" it shouldn't be a problme.

andrew said...

I forgot to add on to my previous comment. Do think twice if you really need anotehr 160 GB spare. With regular housekeeping, most people can get by with 40 GB or less. People who work with image, sound, and video manipulation are not included in this category.

Before you run out and get a spare drive, try to delete all the crap you don't need anymore and burn stuff for archival on CD-roms or DVDs. IF you are convinced that you do need the extra drive, go for the largest you can comfortably afford. The difference in price of the next largest model is probably small compared with the price of the model itself.

mini said...

as an engineer i should know more about these things ... but i don't. I do know they look mad cute though :) funny how packaging can make the sale ....