Sunday, April 30, 2006

From all over the world

The class is small - about 35 students, but they come from 17 countries in the world. I really enjoy hanging out with them, and I do enjoy my job.

This is our informal class photo from this year. I don't look very big because I found out what all pregnant women know - Black is slimming!!



mini said...

what class is this? the people look fun!

S* said...

This is the trade law course which I signed up for last year, and they asked me to come back as a tutor for this year. so it takes place at the ITC-ILO center within the UN cluster of buildings in Turin.

You are right- the people are absolutely fun to be with, despite learning to speak in acroynms like UNIDROIT and UNILEX and UNCITRAL... which only make sense to lawyers and only within the UN system...