Saturday, April 15, 2006

Baby Preparations!

We are scrolling through the stuff we want to get Thibault JR.

Questions include:

Baby Bjorn or Sarong sling? we already bought the sarong sling but Fabien thinks it is not ergonomic so now he wants to get the Baby Bjorn Air... I think it's a waste of money, and we should have just bought one and stuck with it!

We bought the car seat, but do we want to fulfil Dad's Maclaren driving fantasies for a push chair as well? One of those funky 3- wheelers, a complete 3 in 1 system or an easily collapsible model for easy travelling? Should we wait till we get to Beijing to look at the road and living conditions there before deciding?

Just because you decided on something does not mean that it ends there. We decided that we wanted to use a combination of disposable diapers and washable nappies. BUT do we get them from imse vimse/eco-baby or green mountain?

So many choices. I have become an avid internet surfer of product reviews - I think I now know enough about baby gear to go become a product liability lawyer - there is muchos mulah to be made there! Babies and children are the perfect plaintiffs to tug at the heartstrings in the court of public opinion inasmuch as the jury's decision room.


mini said...

too man choices!

would the stroller be more expensive in beijing? hehe

Nisha said...

I know! Get both and then experiment on your 2nd child so that you will have back-up, tried and tested evidence for what you say when you go do the baby lawyering thing.

Laurent & Josephine said...

The sarong sling would definitely come in handy when you are out and about and need to breastfeed. sells beautiful sarongs in cotton and even silk. I just ordered a peach batik. Couldn't get batik from australian sites.