Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I should be more thankful - really !

I am such a blessed person that there are times (human nature being what it is) that I take it for granted.

Alex scared us 2 weeks ago by suddenly getting a 40 degree fever. I was in a meeting on the other side of the city when I recieved the anxious phone call from ayi, so one of our neighbours (who works from home) went to our house to check it out for us. He got there at the same time as Fabien who rushed there from work. The fever subsided after some paracetemol. I think she had been dehydrated from the stomach flu.

She wasn't sneezing or coughing, so we aren't all that worried about H1N1 virus. Sophie's kindergarten class so far has not been affected so we're keeping our fingers crossed that this winter goes smoothly. Luckily Alex recovered quite quickly - at least in time for our weekend at the Great Wall, although she did manage to pass it to Mommy, who developed a throat infection!

Which brings me to the next bit about being thankful for what you have. Why is it you need to get sick before you appreciate being healthy?

I usually take my health for granted, not getting enough rest, skipping meals and generally abusing my body. I also take for granted the fact that the children are almost always perfectly healthy. So only when they get sick (or I do) will I appreciate the fact that the rest of the year, everything is absolutely fine.

Speaking of thankfulness, this year, Sophie and I will not be allowed to visit the orphanage where we normally donate our stuff to. There is a kind of paranoia regarding H1N1 and visitors are basically not welcome. Which is a little sad but of course, we will respect the health restrictions.


Fioleta said...

I think it is very hard to remember to be thankful all the time.

I'm glad to see that you are blogging again :-)

sohcool said...

So your blog is not dead yet. :)
Gosh. Never fun to be sick or having sick kids.
I agree totally with you. Should be thankful when we are healthy.
Praying hard that our kids will not get any winter related sickness during this season.

Tanya said...

Hi, I found your blog via fioleta's blog (who has also posted above :). Your youngest child is very close in age to my child, so I have enjoyed following your children's journeys.

I recently posted a very similar post to this one, after being very ill for a few months. It is hard to remember to be thankful and appreciate when we are healthy but it is something I would like to be more mindful of also.