Sunday, February 01, 2009

My girls

Alex is both extremely lucky and unlucky. It's great that Sophie loves Alex so much, but it is hard when she wants to cuddle Alex all the time, and squish her. Even when she was just days old (like in this photo)

Tough Love indeed.

I guess I am lucky that I don't have (as yet!) any sibling rivalry issues to deal with. Sophie seems content to be "Big Sister" and is mostly pretty gentle (though she needs regular reminding) to Alex.

I am going back to work tomorrow 3 days a week. I kinda excited and a little worried. I hope Alex accepts the bottle and the pumping goes well.

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Ex Night Queen said...

Sophie looks soooo pretty here ;-) Im sorry I could not catch you when you were in Singapore. Read that you were gg to Thailand for 2 weeks and I was all over the place myself. May not have seen you for a while Sharon, but I really enjoy reading your blog and that helps me stay in touch with whats going on with you!