Friday, February 27, 2009

How many of these do I want?

Sophie's last comment (see below) about looking for parents sort of made me so teary-eyed that I wondered if my hormones were going through some sort of major change. Which made me run out to buy a pregnancy test kit because I was paranoid thinking I might be pregnant again? (*gasp*) I thought the best form of contraception was actually HAVING a baby....

It's not that I am against having more children around this house, but I was quite seriously thinking to adopt/foster them partly because I think we could provide these kids a good home and partly for environmental reasons. So whilst I do want more kids around, I am not actually planning on being pregnant again too soon.


Fioleta said...

I keep on thinking about adoption - the way we are going now (i.e. postponing having another one due to various life events) we may have to. I didn't enjoy pregnancy and not looking forward to being pregnant while looking after a toddler.

The hairdresser I used to go to got pregnant when her youngest was only 2.5 months old and she was breastfeeding it - so having a baby isn't always the best form of contraception.

S* said...

Actually I meant contraception as simply being too tired and busy looking after the newborn to be even thinking about making another one !