Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Ikea should sponsor this blog

Okay I have already asked Hans for his architectural opinion on this issue, and we will now straw poll the rest of the readers of this blog (yes all 3 of them!!)

The guest "room" and the master "room" are actually the same large room, and we need to figure out how to partition the two "rooms" in a way that will enhance privacy (visual, audio, we will take whatever we can get!).

Any proposed solution must be subject to the same sloping roof so the partition cannot be the same uniform height. The two "rooms" are at the attic-loft level, which means that it is all of 40cm tall at the lowest point, and about 3m at the highest point. Oh yes, and there is also cost constraints, so this means that the solution will probably involve purchases from ikea... Soo Any bright ideas?


kiddo said...

Screens with soft fabrics drapped over the top to break the otherwise hard straight line.

Not great for sound but unless anyone plans to break out into opera in the middle of the night ...

Michael Low said...

You could alternatively try curtains; Ikea has some very nice fabric, and curtain rails too, which are very easy to move. Advantage is that most of the time when you don't have guests around, you have a HUGE master bedroom, and if there are guests around, then just draw the curtains. If you heavy enough curtains, they are moderately light and sound proof.