Friday, August 07, 2009

One of my favourite Photos

This is not a studio potrait. We were sitting in a cafe in Phuket. 2 parents looking at their lovely offspring.

Sophie Loves her little sister so much. It's a magic kind of beauty. Of course she needs reassurance from her parents that they love her and she tests limits. But moments like this are sacred and beautiful. And Fab managed to capture that moment in this shot I think.

Sophie and Alex (Phuket Jan '09)


Fioleta said...

Both of your daughters are adorable. Looks like Fabian is putting his birthday present to good use - the photo is beautiful

rene said...

Beautiful. I love it!

Kath said...

What a lovely photo! Worthy of a canvas, surely.

La Isleña said...

Sharon, got your message on my blog but couldn't find your email address. Hope you get this one via your blog, in time.

Anyway. Conferred with some family/friends and the general opinion is that there is no such thing as a "less commercial" place in Taiwan unless you're also willing to forego quality. Esp. when it comes to hot springs, where hygiene is an issue.

Morever, since Morakot just pounded much of Taiwan's touristy spots (esp. the mountainous areas), your options are not great for some years.

I am ashamed to admit that I know Japanese hot springs better than my Homeland's, so I can't really speak from experience. However, the most popular hot springs in Taiwan are in 烏來 (WuLai) - which is lucky for you because it wasn't bothered by Morakot.

Moreover, it is in the North - so you won't need to venture far. It also offers decent hiking and (okay - v. commericalised) Aboriginal cultural discovery tours.

Places that are well-developed for tourists in Taiwan, is actually a good thing (apart from the usual congestion) in that the amenities are much more likely to be of quality.

These two sites may help you decide on a place to stay:

If you want to go into the Hua-Lien area (which I am unfamiliar), Iris St Onge (she's a Taiwanese married to a Canadian) is a photographer and the publisher of a HuaLien travel magazine:

She is the person to contact re travels to Eastern Taiwan. She can be reached at: - if you mention Jen from Melbourne sent you she might remember me (she usd to blog but sadly not anymore).

For the moment, I wouldn't go anywhere mountainous, situated "below" TaiChung - due to Morakot. Stay out of 阿里山 (Alishan) for the moment too, much of it was damaged.

I hope you'll have a wonderful time with your family! I always like to eat until I am about to pass out, in Formosa. And I'd live in 故宮 if they'd let me. :-)

PS: I can't help but cheat when it comes to the Economist. I am suffering major withdrawal symptoms. :-( :-(

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