Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happiness is ...

1) Knowing that my husband planned this totally awesome birthday party for me and a whole bunch of my friends (who all assure me that it is all donwhill from here !!)

2) having Sophie singing "Happy Birthday Mummy" and blowing out one candle on a muffin

3) seeing my parents and brother on skype and that they are all doing well and happy

---------- pictures to follow --------------

On a complete aside - my life is one big suitcase right now.

We are going to Chang Chun for one week to renew our visas, and then we are going to Lijiang for Christmas. And then we come back home to move house (we are moving a few floors upstairs in our appartment), and then I have to rush to do our ayi's Singapore visa, because she will come with Alex, Sophie and me go back to Singapore on 30 December.

Whilst packing up the clothes, I realise that we have so many lovely baby things. Most of them in the 0-3 month range are unisex because of course, we didn't know if we would have a girl or boy, but everything after that is for a little girl. But the stork seems to be only giving out baby boys right now.

Our neighbors on either side of us both had baby boys this year. My friend C in the US had a baby boy this August. Another 2 friends in China, 2 other friends (1 in Singapore and 1 in France) are ALL expecting boys for next year. But...I have all this great girly stuff to give away ! Somebody better have a girl soon otherwise we might be forced to make one ourselves!!


Sun Chen said...

GOD, why you go to Changchun to renew visa? strange.

Anonymous said...


Good luck moving house and don`t forget your strange German future-high-school-exchange partners...

Fioleta said...

Happy Birthday and good luck with all the travelling and moving.

Everyone I know are having girls. :-)

Angela said...

haha. You can give them to me! I am expecting another baby girl next year. Happy Birthday btw!

sky said...

Happy Birthday, Sharon!

Sky,Eric and Cinnamon

Anonymous said...

Some wise man once said that birthdays like christmas should be celebrated in style therefore we get to celebrate all 12 days of it. That means i am not too late in saying Happy Birthday. BTW just realise you share the same birthdate as my brother. Regards k.