Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Boy Weekend

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If you want to go to French Engineering School , you have to study for competitive exams to get in when you are around 17 years old. Fabien and other brave muskeeters studied for those exams at Denis family's holiday house in the mountains near Grenoble. They used to spend the whole summer day studying in the library of the lovely wooden house, and then run to the lake and play football or swim to release all that pent up tension.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because everyone that studied in that house all passed those exams and went to the same engineering school, and have remained friends till this day. Denis's wife is expecting their first child, and (with a premenotion of things to come) Denis decided to have a "boy's weekend", back at this house, so the guys spent time on golf, football and swimming in that same lake. I think it is pretty important to let them have their time doing their guys stuff. It is cool that all the wives (yep, they are all married!) get along well with each other, and we can do other things together whilst the males show off their BBQ skills.

So Sophie and me hung out with the girlies! Alex (Jean's wife) gave Sophie her first small piano concert and me and Sophie had walks around the mountain to encounter the dangerous alpine wildlife... (okay, so it was a kitty).

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