Sunday, June 19, 2005

Administrative Confirmations

Okie Dokes - a few confirmations. Firstly, I confirm that I have given you the correct address below: 53 Via San Massimo Torino 110123, Italy. Secondly, WE HAVE A HOUSE PHONE! it is +39 011 839 0692 and we have also got internet access and skype ( at home now.

our skype name is "sharonandfabien" so you can search us out on skype!

Okay lah, have to go and Study now (or what passes for studying anyways). sigh - mybad! I am more interested getting into living in Turin than actually preparing for my exams. Yesterday we went for a party at Paolo's house. Who is Paolo? Well, some random stranger who helped me buy ribbons for the France wedding when the shop assistant did not speak a word of English, and of course "Orange Ribbon" is not exactly one of the first few words that you learn when you start Italian. Anyways, Paolo was in the ribbon shop buying strings for his latest movie which he shoots in his own home, using carefully constructed plasticine figures - kinda like Wallace and Gromit. His daytime job is as a molecular biologist in a cancer research lab - which may explain his hobbies, or not as the case may be...


Liyi said...

Although this blog entry is a confirmation of your earlier entry stating your address, which postal code is correct? 10123 or 110123? haha!

Give it to me soon. Have gotten you some movies in English to watch at home. Am wondering if you would rather I send them after "Madagascar" is released on home videos or ASAP? I'm not sure when it will be released though...or should I wait for Star Wars 3 as well? Hmm..but if this goes on, you wouldn't get them until December 2005... :)

Good luck for your exams! I'm sure you'll do more than okay.

S* said...

sorry my postal code is 10123